How Do You Choose The Best Desk Lamp For Studying?

You are all set for that all-night study session, but your dorm roommate looks up at you with disdain because your lamp is too bright and he’s trying to sleep. Okay, so maybe you don’t live in a dorm, but you are looking for the best desk lamp for studying. It can’t be too bright, and you don’t want it to take up too much space. LED lamps are idea, but boy do you have quite a few to choose from.

They say LED lamps are inexpensive and more energy efficient, but these lamps can still cost a pretty penny, doesn’t everything these days? You might not think it matters about the type of lamp you get. However, imagine all lights off and the desk lamp on, only it doesn’t adequately light up your space. You will have purchased the wrong lamp, and that calls for a do over. More at

How Do You Choose The Best Desk Lamp For Studying
How Do You Choose The Best Desk Lamp For Studying

What do you do at your desk? Most people when talking about desk lamps think of studying, paperwork and reading. However, people use these lamps for cooking and other things, too. Each room is different, and that means you’re going to have different needs for a desk lamp than someone else. More at

It could be that you need one of the more powerful models out there. What other features are important when it comes to browsing the best lamp for studying? You have established what you’re going to do with the lamp you buy. What room is it going in? Do you need more than one lamp?

Some of those desk lamps are dirt cheap. You’re not expecting much from one of them except a little extra lighting and a small addition to your desk decor. Keep that in mind so you don’t overspend as you continue to look for lamps and checkout.